Airplanes 2

Today I am going to write about

airplanes but in a Shakespearean way.

Every line is going to have ten

syllables, called a deca-syllable.

Airplanes are made of  different metal

to make it lighter. They need to be a

certain weight to be able to carry

everyone and their luggage on

the plane flying to different places.

people go on airplanes for business and

to go see family in the summer

or on vacations during the school year.

Before you go on a airplane you need

to go through security but before

that you need to book tickets to get on.

This poem about airplanes is now done.



The only reason I chose to talk about airplanes is because I have a friend that fawns over how cool airplanes are. To make these airplanes seemed to be quite a lofty goal considering how big these planes air. These are the aircraft’s that can hold the most passengers. He dotes planes.

We are going to talk about the great airplanes that holds hundreds of people and brings them into new countries. There are many types of planes and one is the Airbus A380. It is the largest commercial plane in the world and it is a double decker plane providing seats for 525 people. Many airports had to upgrade there facilities to accommodate the massive size of the plane. If you enjoy learning about planes click here.

The second largest plane is the Boeing 747-8. The 747 is offered in two ways, the Intercontinental which is for passengers and the Freighter which is for cargo. This plane was made in 2005  by the United States, but it was started to be in use by 2008.


The third largest aircraft is the Boeing 747-400ER. This aircraft can carry 416 passengers. This aircraft can carry 63, 705 gallons of oil and it can hold 910,000 pounds for takeoff. The cabin width is 20 ft with the aircraft length of 231 ft.

Most of the aircraft I mentioned have a waned twin. Adieu.

Waned- Smaller

Adieu- Goodbye

Lofty- Imposing

fawns- Crowd around

Dotes- Fond of


Don’t you hate airports? Or does it depend on the type of airport? I usually love airports because the ones I go to are huge and there is lots of space. Although I hate walking past the people in the privilege club. They seem so snobbish they don’t even look up from their electronic device to see what is going on around them. All they seem to care about is stuffing there face with the free food and playing on their devices. The VIPs I hate that just because they don’t like to wait in line with everyone else the pay EXTRA just to get passed ALL the lines. They should learn how to wait because while 50-100 people are waiting to get passed the checkpoint the VIPs just waltz up an walk past us without even an apologizing glance. Why do airports do this? I think it is because they are greedy and selfish. Some random airport manager probably decided to make more money with a stupid VIP pass. VIP should be for actual VIPs not these wealthy people that don’t care about middle class citizens. Also getting on the airplane they make us wait even LONGER to board our plane and while the people in economy class site close together with bad food the food in FIRST CLASS is amazing and they have seats that can lie back with a button and huge seats. I sat in a first class seat once and they were HUGE I mean like I only took up half of the seat that is how big it is AND they get anything they want because they are asked if they look like they want something. If they want to make a plane like that why don’t they just make a first class plane so we don’t have to wait for them to board. Economy plane and first class plane that would make way more sense. Why have they not come up with this idea yet? I don’t know they are probably just really stupid because they don’t know the point of view from an economy passenger.  Although from a first class point of view they probably push us out of there mind because they are just thinking about getting on the flight and relaxing. I was fortunate enough to get in first class by being an unaccompanied minor from Doha to Dubai and able to go into the first class lounge (although it felt like a prison). So it is not also there fault that they forget about the economy passengers.


Rome, Italy is what I will talk about this post. If you have been following my posts and read about why I liked Greece. Rome is almost the same thing. When I was in Rome the size of the coliseums surprised me. Coliseums were made for blood sports like a lion chasing after a slave or two gladiators fighting each other. To me I wondered how people from that time could have made something so big and so skillfully made. Many of the building today have influence from Ancient Rome and Greece. Like the pillars. Greeks and Romans were the first to use pillars in their building and you can see it today in the US.     Government building, the Pentagon, library’s and sometimes even in schools.

imagesimgresCan you see a similarities in the picture? The first picture is the Parthenon in Athens the second is a library in the US.  You can notice the pictures. If you don’t I still have to continue with my writing on what it is about Rome that makes it so extraordinary.  I also love the tower of Pisa. It leans slightly southeast because of the poor foundation that the building was put on.  It is the third oldest  structure in Pisa’s Cathedral Square. It is 56.67 meters tall on the tall side and  55.86 meters tall on the short side. The width at the base of the tower is 2.44 meters or 8 feet and 0.06 inches. The structure has 294 steps in it. The tower was made as a bell tower for the church nearby. The tower of Pisa was opened in 1372 and it has t floors. The architect is Bonanno Pisano. He created the doors to the cathedral in Sicily and then came back to Pisa where he died and was buried at the at the foot of the leaning tower.


Extraordinary-  Unusual or remarkable

Remarkable- Worthy of attention.

Parthenon- A temple for Athena built by the ancient Greeks.

Pillars- A tall structure of stone, wood or metal made to supports buildings.

Canada and America

I am going to be talking about Canada and America.

Since I am from Canada it is one of my favorite country to go to, but my favorite city to go to is Winnipeg because my family lives there.  Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and I think you would like it there because they have a really nice water park in the country side called Fun Mountain. The best part of Winnipeg is the country side because it is barely touched since all the farmers are somewhat spread around.  This may be biased but since I live there I say that the 7 11 slushies are the best there. My  next favorite city in Canada is Ottawa; I go there to visit my Grandparents. The country side there is also wonderful because once again everyone is somewhat spread out.  If you decide to go to Canada I would say try the Slushies there first and go hiking. In the future I would like to go to Toronto to see the CNN Tower because most of my friends have been there and they say that it is a really cool place.

America is what I will be talking about in this paragraph. In America I have been to Las Vegas and Wyoming and Wyoming was the best in my opinion because I love outdoors and greenery and everything about Wyoming is what I love. While I was in Wyoming we went camping in Yellowstone Park for three days and went swimming in multiple lakes which were really cold. I went hiking saw the springs. In Las Vegas I stayed in the hotel Excaliber which was amazing. There was a 4D theater in the basement and right in front of us was a them park. There was a casino although you have to be 25 or older to watch and play.



-Slushies- Frozen drink in between being ice and liquid.

-Excaliber- A sword turned men into ice in the Legend of Arthur; a hotel.

Hiking- Walking through forests enjoying the view.

4D- Seat replicates to what happens on screen of movie.

CNN Tower- Tallest building in Canada.

Casino- A place where adults gamble.

Gamble- Betting something (usually money) on somebody, number.


Before I said I went to Athens. I would recommend this place for all the Greek ruins that you can go to.  The Parthenon is an amazing place to go because when you look at it the pillars, roofs, steps everything is so shocking that they could have made buildings that look better than most building today back in Ancient Greece. I also loved going to the food stands there they had some of the best foods that I tasted. The paved streets are lovely because they are different. They are blocks of stone placed in the ground. Once I stepped onto the ground in Athens I felt like I went back in time because the paths looked like they were made in Ancient Greece. If you go to Greece I recommend you go to The Parthenon.

Italy is also a great place to go to. Everything in Italy is so close together that when I went there it took less than an hour to get to one city to another. Although one of the best cities is Venice. Venice is lovely because of all the water. It is clear with little dirt in it to scar the beauty of the giant lakes that snake through the city. When you look into the lake you can see yourself perfectly which is a rarity these days because most people don’t care about the water. If you go to Venice I recommend taking a trip along the giant lakes.


How many places have you ever traveled to? What countries did you go to? I personally love to travel. I love seeing new places and new people. I hate being trapped in the same place.  Although when I travel I usually use that as an excuse to stay up for as long as I want. I think most people do that. I also love looking out the window as we are about to land. What do you like to do in an air plane?  So far I went to many places Dubai, Mongolia, Canada, Qatar, Korea, Bahrain, Greece , Paris, Maldives, Turkey, London and Italy.

My personal favorite place was the Maldives because it was just a relaxing place to be. The scenery of the place was beautiful. It wasn’t like in the city where it is hard to see the stars. The stars I saw there were the brightest I ever seen. The beach was beautiful. Walking on the Island was lie walking on a giant beach; everywhere you went other than inside had sand. If you love shells and beaches I recommend that you go there.

My second favorite place that I have been on is Mongolia. I went there for a school trip and I loved it. Once that I look back on it my favorite part of the trip must have been camping in the rain forest. Even though all my stuff was wet and I was cold it was an amazing feeling to camp in the rain forest. I also loved to swim in the lake because every time I went to the lake it was the perfect temperature of water to swim in.